Hilário Alencar

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Instituto de Matemática

Universidade Federal de Alagoas

iconmonstr-location-icon 57072-900, Maceió-AL, Brazil

mail-128 hilario@mat.ufal.br

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Articles and preprints

Surfaces of invariant under a one-parameter group of isometries with Hilário Alencar; Manfredo do Carmo; Renato Tribuzy. (2012)

A theorem of Hopf and the Cauchy-Riemann inequality with Hilário Alencar, Manfredo do Carmo and Renato Tribuzy. (2007)

mathtex - Invariant Minimal Hypersurfaces in mathtex (1) with Hilário Alencar, Abdênago Barros, Oscar Palmas, J. Guadalupe Reyes and Walcy Santos. (2005)

Remarks on the Growth of Functions and the Weak Stability of HYpersurfaces with Constant Mean Curvature with Hilário Alencar and Manfredo do Carmo. (1997)

Some remarks on the existence of hypersurfaces of constant mean curvature with a given noundary, or asymptotic boundary, in hyperbolic space with Hilário Alencar and Harold Rosenberg. (1997)