Gesture Recognition Using Kinect and a Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm

Romain Faugeroux - Ecole Polytechnique(France)

Resumo: Gesture recognition is a fi eld with many applications, but that remains very challenging. During this talk, I will present a project I worked on in France that aimed at implementing and testing a specifi c method to recognize gestures. This method relies mostly on two things: representing a gesture using the skeleton given by the Microsoft's Kinect, and comparing two gestures with the Dynamic Time Warping algorithm. I will fi rst talk about how I used the Kinect to record and represent gestures and then I will explain what the Dynamic Time Warping algorithm is and why it was useful in my case.

Local: Sala B do IM-Novo
Data: Quarta-feira 12/06/2013
Hora: 10:00