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A Theorem of H. Hopf and The Cauchy-Riemann inequality

H. Alencar, M. do Carmo, R. Tribuzy

Resumo: In 1951m H. Hopf published a theorem in a seminal paper on surfaces of constant mean curvature wich can be stated as follows. "Let a genus zero compact surface M be immersed in R³ with constant mean curvature H". Then M is isometric to the standard sphere. Hopf gave two proofs of this result. Both proof depend on the fact that any surface can given isothernal parameters(u,v)...

A Theorem of H. Hopf and The Cauchy-Riemann inequality II

H. Alencar, M. do Carmo, R. Tribuzy

Resumo: This is a sequel to "A Theorem of H. Hopf and The Cauchy-Riemann inequality". Here the result if the previous paper is extended to surfaces ub three-dimensional homogeneous Riemannian manifolds whose group of isometries has dimension four and the bundle curvature is nonzero, whereas in the previous paper only the case of vanishing bundle curvature was treated

Convexity in Locally Conformally Flat Manifolds with Boundary

Marcus P. A. Cavalcante

Resumo: Given a closed subset Λ of the open unit ball B1 ⊂ R^n , n ≥ 3, we will consider a complete Riemannian metric g on B1 \ Λ of constant scalar curvature equal to n(n − 1) and conformally related to the Euclidean metric. In this paper we prove that every closed Euclidean ball B ⊂ B1 \ Λ is convex with respect to the metric g, assuming the mean curvature of the boundary ∂B1 is nonnegative with respect to the inward normal.

Equilibrium States for Random Non-Uniformly Expanding Maps

Alexander Arbieto, Carlos Matheus, Krerley Oliveira

Resumo: We show that, for a robust (C 2 -open) class of random non-uniformly expanding maps, there exists equilibrium states for a large class of potentials.In particular, these sytems have measures of maximal entropy. These results also give a partial answer to a question posed by Liu-Zhao. The proof of the main result uses an extension of techniques in recent works by Alves-Ara'jo, Alves-Bonatti-Viana and Oliveira.

Examples and structure of CMC surfaces in some Riemannian and Lorentzian homogeneous spaces

Marcus P. A. Cavalcante, Jorge H. S. de Lira

Resumo: It is proved that the holomorphic quadratic differential associated to CMC surfaces in Riemannian products S2 × R and H2 × R discovered by U. Abresch and H. Rosenberg could be obtained as a linear combination of usual Hopf differentials. Using this fact, we are able to extend it for Lorentzian products. Families of examples of helicoidal CMC surfaces on these spaces are explicitly escribed. We also present some characterizations of CMC rotationally invariant discs and spheres.

Geometrical versus Topological Properties of Manifolds

Carlos Matheus, Krerley Oliveira

Resumo: Given a compact n-dimensional immersed Riemannian manifold M^n we prove that if the Hausdorff dimension of the singular set of the Gauss map is small, then M^n is homeomorphic to the sphere S^n. Also, we define a concept of finite geometrical type and prove that finite geometrical type hypersurfaces with small set of points of zero Gauss-Kronecker curvature are topologically the sphere minus a finite number of points. A characterization of the 2n-catenoid is obtained.

ILL-Posedness for the Benny System

Adán J. Corcho

Resumo: We discuss ill-posedness issues for the initial value problem associated to the Benney system. To prove our results we use the method introduced by Kenig, Ponce and Vega to show ill-posedness for some canonical dispersive equations.

O trabalho de Ennio De Giorgi sobre o problema de Plateau

Alexander Arbieto, Carlos Matheus, Krerley Olveira

Resumo: O objetivo deste artigo é fazer uma rápida investigação dos trabalhos de Ennio De Giorgi acerca do problema de Plateau. Para isso, começamos com uma introdução (não tão rápida assim!) à bela história desta questão.

O(m) × O(n)-invariant minimal hypersurfaces in R^{m+n}

Hilário Alencar, Abdênago Barros, Oscar Palmas, J. Guadalupe Reyes, Walcy Santos

Resumo: We classify the non-extendable immersed O(m) × O(n)-invariant minimal hypersurfaces in the euclidean space R^{m+n} , m, n ≥ 3, analyzing also whether they are embedded or stable. We show also the existence of embedded, complete, stable minimal hypersurfaces in R^{m+n}, m + n ≥ 8, m, n ≥ 3 not homeomorphic to R^{m+n−1} that are O(m) × O(n)–invariant.

On the Continuity of the SRB Entropy for Endomorphisms

José F. Alves, Krerley Oliveira, Ali Tahzibi

Resumo: We consider classes of dynamical systems admitting Markov induced maps. Under general assumptions, which in particular guarantee the existence of SRB measures, we prove that the entropy of the SRB measure varies continuously with the dynamics. We apply our result to a vast class of non-uniformly expanding maps of a compact manifold and prove the continuity of the entropy of the SRB measure. In particular, we show that the SRB entropy of Viana maps varies continuously with the map.

The r-Stability of Hypersurfaces with zero Gauss-Kronecker Curvature

Marcus P. A. Cavalcante

Resumo: In this paper we give sufficient conditions for a bounded domain in a r-minimal hypersuface of the Euclidean space to be r-stable. The Gauss-Kronecker curvature of this hypersurfaces may be zero on a set of capacity zero.

Well-Posedness for the Schrödinger-Debye Equation

A. J. Corcho, F. Linares

Resumo: We establish local and global results for the initial value problem associated the Schrödinger-Debye system for data in low regularity spaces. The main tool used is an optimal application of the Strichartz estimates for the linear Schrödinger operator. In the one dimensional case we also use Kato’s smoothing effect to obtain global results in fractional Sobolev spaces.

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